Dr Moore Blog Introduction Video

www.Dr-Robert-J-Moore-III.com  will be a mixture between traditional posting and experimentation.   Interesting material that can help my patients and cutting edge foot and ankle surgery procedures will be the biggest part of this site, but I would also like to see what is interesting and novel from my patient’s point of view.

I also think that video communication is by far the best way to get this information across as well as anything that requires instruction or demonstration.  Most of the filming will be in the “gorilla” style and formatting – meaning without scripts and spontaneously in various venues like the clinic, hospital, operating room, etc.

I have also written 3 editions of my book “Body of Knowledge” and you will see a few wellness, fitness, and weight management blogs from its content and anything else interesting on the horizon.

Take care,

Stay Healthy, and One Step Ahead!

-Dr Moore

2 thoughts on “Dr Moore Blog Introduction Video

  1. …looking forward to your blog. I did buy your book on nutrition and health and am going to use that along with my new foot that will allow me to exercise and walk and run and swim and jump…lol…thanks so much all is well,very well…long day travelling through airport (first time in a wheelchair ..felt weird) just need to keep from being bored waiting out my time before returning to work now..have a great fall !!!


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