Cosmetic Bunion Surgery Video – No metal, natural internal fixation

Cosmetic Foot Surgery is not only a simpler process due to advanced surgical techniques, technology, and equipment, but also affordable.

In fact almost all of these procedures are covered by traditional healthcare insurance.  

Listen to one of our patients after her Cosmetic Corrective Bunion Surgery:

In this procedure, Dr Moore, a foot specialist in Houston pioneered this procedure with the TenFuse bone pin (Wright Medical) when it was first introduced for hammertoe procedures.  The older fixation devices for this bunion surgery for stabilization of the “chevron osteotomy” include K-wires, screws, or staples, all metallic.

Image result for tenfuse picture wright medical

In this video Dr Moore features the highlights of this bunion correction  procedure (Austin Bunionectomy) and the technique for inserting the natural bone pin as well as the Cosmetic, small skin incision and closure.
To see patient testimonials, surgery videos, new medical advances in the foot and ankle surgery community, feel free to log on to  to watch the surgery, listen to patient testimonials, see patient reviews, ask Dr Moore a question, or make an appointment.

Stay Healthy and One Step Ahead!

* Warning:  This video contains graphic material filmed in the operating room

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