Cosmetic Foot Surgery Patient Experience


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting and then seeing this patient through the entire process of her cosmetic bunion surgery.  This blog is more of an acknowledgement of her compliance and sharing this surgical saga with anyone interested in this procedure.

What I will add is the growing number of requests on the phone from patients for more information for the entire office/surgical experience.  In short, our wonderful staff takes care of everything. The pre-operative consult, customary insurance authorization, necessary paperwork (consents, work notes, pre-operative checklists), surgical clearance for anesthesia, medications, post-operative instructions, equipment (Walking boot, walker, crutches or new ‘knee scooters’), or anything extra that could be unique to your individual needs.

To see other patient testimonials, surgery videos, new medical advances in the foot and ankle surgery community, feel free to log on to http:// to watch the surgery, listen to patient testimonials, see patient reviews, ask Dr Moore a question, or make an appointment.

Stay Healthy and One Step Ahead!

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