Cosmetic Foot Surgery – Facts and Fiction

Over the last 10 -15 years we have continued to modify our surgeries to have better results, better recoveries, and now ‘look’ even better…

Like any industry (automotive, real estate, etc.) surgery is constantly evolving.  As functionality and quality improve, aesthetics are now in demand for both female and male patients.

Now let’s take the elephant out of the room and get to the bottom of all the noise created on the web about cosmetic foot surgery.


  1. Insurance Coverage
  • First and foremost, all surgeries performed are corrective or reconstructive 
  • All have surgical codes and valid diagnoses that reflect the underlying problem(s)
  1. Advanced Surgical Technique
  • Smaller incisions, stitches under the skin, and less scarring
  • Proven methods, smooth operative period, and consistent results
  1. Better Pre and Post Operative Experience
  • Top anesthesia techniques, optimal safety, minimal pain, and faster recovery
  • Cutting edge equipment, fixation devices, medications, and physical therapy
  1. New Age of ‘Biologics’
  • Natural “Bone Pins” and dissolvable fixation vs. metal pins, screws or staples
  • Amniotic / ECM “Stem Cells” for faster healing, less swelling, and less scaring


For more information, log on to our website,  ask our staff questions about your unique problem(s) at (281) 444-6300 or send us a detailed email on the form below:


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