Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists Clinic Video and Virtual Tour

Thanks to a little push from marketing genius, David Shantz, and reconnecting with a video producer and friend, Art Giraldo, we put together a video to showcase our clinic and patient experience.


Patients need to know where they are going, what kind of equipment we have available, building / clinic room cleanliness, available staff as well as who will help with insurance and finances.

Teaching videos, patient testimonials and surgery videos are great to demonstrate what we do and our level of training.   But we are more pleased to show where we will be taking care of our patients and hopefully give them something / someplace to look forward to when investing time and effort into their foot and ankle problems.

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Cosmetic Foot Surgery – Facts and Fiction

Over the last 10 -15 years we have continued to modify our surgeries to have better results, better recoveries, and now ‘look’ even better…

Like any industry (automotive, real estate, etc.) surgery is constantly evolving.  As functionality and quality improve, aesthetics are now in demand for both female and male patients.

Now let’s take the elephant out of the room and get to the bottom of all the noise created on the web about cosmetic foot surgery.


  1. Insurance Coverage
  • First and foremost, all surgeries performed are corrective or reconstructive 
  • All have surgical codes and valid diagnoses that reflect the underlying problem(s)
  1. Advanced Surgical Technique
  • Smaller incisions, stitches under the skin, and less scarring
  • Proven methods, smooth operative period, and consistent results
  1. Better Pre and Post Operative Experience
  • Top anesthesia techniques, optimal safety, minimal pain, and faster recovery
  • Cutting edge equipment, fixation devices, medications, and physical therapy
  1. New Age of ‘Biologics’
  • Natural “Bone Pins” and dissolvable fixation vs. metal pins, screws or staples
  • Amniotic / ECM “Stem Cells” for faster healing, less swelling, and less scaring


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“Stem Cell” Products – Foot and Ankle Surgery Applications

The introduction years ago and now mainstream “Stem Cell” products are helping many surgeons provide their patients with advanced care and accelerated healing. These progenitor cells are harvested from the amniotic membrane and umbilical cord and can then be utilized both in the clinic as well as the operating room.
This product from Skye Biologics is called ActiveMatrix® It is a placental connective tissue matrix in liquid form with a unique ambient room temperature preservation.
This surgery video performed by Dr Robert J Moore III in Houston, Texas demonstrates 3 different ankle and foot problems corrected as well as the application of this product for 3 different tissues.
The patient had a complicated injury resulting with ankle cartilage detachment, ankle ligament tear, and fifth metatarsal fracture.
Application is simple, using only a syringe and needle to apply.
For more information or questions on usage for your foot or ankle problem, feel free to visit our website – Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists –

Skye has also performed studies that discuss the advanced outcomes as well as their attention to quality.

Below is a list of their differentiators:

ActiveMatrix® is provided in a vial as a ready to use flowable graft, with no thawing or prep required.

ActiveMatrix® is stored at ambient temperature (50-86°F/10-30°C) until ready for use. Product has a 5 year shelf life.

ActiveMatrix® is provided in an easy to apply flowable form, for precisely delivery throughout the intended site.

Placental tissues are considered ‘immune privileged’, meaning they induce little or no immune response in the patient, which can lead to graft failure or fibrosis. No blood typing or donor matching is required.

ActiveMatrix® is provided in a sterile vial in a clear peel-pouch, and may be introduced to the sterile field.

Neuroma Sclerosing Injection Treatment Permanent results without Surgery

Over the past 20 years the standard treatment for neuromas was the standard cortisone injection.  Neuroma Surgery was a close second, followed by Custom Orthotics and other modalities like ultrasound.   Now curing this problem without surgery or even treatment for failed neuroma surgeries are easier and more effective with the sclerosing injections.

As this patient explains, the sclerosing injections are performed in the clinic every 2 weeks until the pain is gone.  ‘Sclero’ means to harden or scar down.   In essence the medical grade alcohol and anesthetic solution shrinks down the painful nerve mass permanently.

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Toe Shortening and Toe Lengthening Surgery – New Cosmetic Foot Surgery Procedures

Who would have known that this is such a common problem for both women and men?  The most common name used in public is the classic “hammertoe”, but in reality, a long toe that is pushed back into the foot with a shoe that is too short will bend upward at the toe joint to form the quintessential hammer toe position.

This patient had a unique presentation – not only a short 3rd toe, but the 4th was also a little longer (the end was rubbing on her dress shoes) than usual in comparison to the 5th toe.

short-long toe before-1.jpg

As you can see on the x-rays, it’s really a short bone (proximal phalanx) at the base of the third toe on both feet.


New surgical equipment and ‘toe spacers’ are available to lengthen the 3rd toes and then a simple bone resection and absorbable pin placement on the 4th left toe was utilized to get the proper length and aesthetic line of all four toes after the surgery.


The final x-ray shows the work and outcome described above.


The sutures are removed at 2 weeks and incisions will be healed and ready to return to shoes shortly after.


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Below is the surgical technique – WARNING graphic material.

The procedure is performed with a tourniquet to prevent blood loss as well as to maximize the best visualization of structures during this technique.



Cosmetic Foot Surgery -Channel 2 Houston News Story

Thanks to Rachel McNeil and the Channel 2 news team, we were able to discuss a new procedure for Hammertoes and other digital deformities.

The surgical techniques have become more sophisticated, the centers where they are performed are more prepared, the new equipment is cutting-edge and post operative period is shorter and less painful.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery Patient Experience


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting and then seeing this patient through the entire process of her cosmetic bunion surgery.  This blog is more of an acknowledgement of her compliance and sharing this surgical saga with anyone interested in this procedure.

What I will add is the growing number of requests on the phone from patients for more information for the entire office/surgical experience.  In short, our wonderful staff takes care of everything. The pre-operative consult, customary insurance authorization, necessary paperwork (consents, work notes, pre-operative checklists), surgical clearance for anesthesia, medications, post-operative instructions, equipment (Walking boot, walker, crutches or new ‘knee scooters’), or anything extra that could be unique to your individual needs.

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